1. How can I apply?

If you want to apply, you have to click on "Go for exchange on PBS" 

In next step you have to choose correct term/semester.

2. I didn't get a code, how can I apply?

You won't get any code from us. If you are using our website for the first time, please click on "Go for exchange on PBS" not on "Sign in".

3. Why I can't add my documents/apply for Erasmus+?

Probably it's because recruitment is closed. You can apply only when recruitment is open.

4. I have add my application some time ago and there is still no answer. Is something wrong? Do I have to do something more?

First of all, please check if you did "Submit" your application for sure. If yes, you should receive an email. System sends to you emails on every stage of recruitment process.

If you add your application correct, you just need to be patient and wait. For most of the time only one person is involved in the recruitment of foreign students at our Unoversity.

Don't worry, we inform candidates at every stage of recruitment process and when something needs to be corrected.

5. When I will get an Acceptance Letter?

After recruitment. First we need to check all of your documents, and you need to be approved by Faculty Coordinator. Then you will get your Learning Agreement with all signatures and Acceptance Letter by email.

6. Where can I find application form/application form for dormitory?

You can't. During recruitment process you will have to fill form with your name, surname etc. this is application form. There will be also question about dormitory. If you like to stay in our dorm, you just need to thick correct answer. We will do the rest.

7. Can I choose courses from two different Faculties?

Yes, but you have to remember that you should choose most of your courses from one Faculty. Courses can be also in the same time.

8. Where can I find courses code?

We don't have courses codes.