Student Accommodation

Bydgoszcz University of Science and Technology has two dormitories. One dormitory is in Fordon at the Kaliskiego Avenue 12-14 and the second one is in Blonie at Koszarowa 9 street (Fordon and Blonie are city estates).

You will be accommodated in Fordon Dormitory:

Contact person is Mr. Alfred Kozłowski:

Address: Kaliskiego 12-14 Avenue, 85-796 Bydgoszcz

We do not require special forms. You only have to tick the right option in the application form, and then our employee will book a room for you.

Fordon dorm is close to the main campus (across the street) but it is also well communicated with the city center and Faculties which are not in the main campus:

  • Agriculture and Biotechnology on Bernardynska 6 street,
  • Animal Breeding and Biology on Mazowiecka 28 street,
  • Chemical Technology and Engineering on Seminaryjna 3 street
  • Management on Fordonska 430 street.

Blonie dormitory is much smaller than the one in Fordon and it is located at the other part of the city. It is also well communicated with the city center and Faculties of Agriculture and Biotechnology, Animal Breeding and Biology and Chemical Technology and Engineering. That is why most often students from this faculties are assigned to this dorm.

Before semester starts we will inform you in which dormitory you will be accommodated during your stay.