About us

International Relations Office is located at Regional Center of Innovativeness building in the main campus of PBS (Kaliskiego 7 Street).

We have five employees under the guide of the Head of the International Relations Office MA Monika Wnęk and Rector.

The main care over Erasmus+ students visiting our University is Institutional Erasmus Coordinator MA Aleksandra Mielczarek, person responsible for contact with incoming students and recruitment process.

The address:

85-796 Bydgoszcz, Prof. S. Kaliskiego 7  street;

RCI building; rooms: B-117, B-118, B-119

The merits activities of International Relations Office supervises Rector.

Employess of International Relations Office responsible for ERASMUS Programme:

  • MA Aleksandra Mielczarek

Institutional Erasmus Coordinator
Incoming students, Incoming and Outgoing staff, Inter-Institutional Agreements

phone: +48 52 374 92 99

e-mail: aleksandra.mielczarek@pbs.edu.pl

  • MA Urszula Krzyżańska

Responsible for outgoing students and staff under Erasmus+ Programme

phone: +48 52 374 92 59

e-mail: urszula.krzyzanska@pbs.edu.pl